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ROEWU is an award-winning, design-focused office with a global pedigree. Currently based in London the office was founded in New York City as a collaboration between Stephen Roe (Ireland) and Chiafang Wu (Taiwan). Since then the office has won many awards including the Young Architects Award from the Architectural League of New York and the Kevin Kieran Award from the Arts Council of Ireland. The office has represented the UK at the Beijing Biennale, and carried out a major funded research project on the Weather and Architecture which led to the book: 'Formations, A Meteorology of Architecture' published in 2017.

Stephen Roe was born on the rain-splashed island of Ireland where he early-on experienced the vicissitudes of the weather.


Meanwhile on the other side of the world Chiafang Wu grew up on the similarly wind-lashed island of Taiwan where everyday life is constantly at the whim of meteorological forces.


Both brought this early experience with them to the Ivy League halls of Columbia University where they studied and acted as occasional critics before teaming up to form ROEWU. The partners have taught and carried out research at schools in the US, the UK & Asia focusing mainly on architectural materials, digital technologies and the qualitative relations between buildings and their climatic environments.

rw 1.jpg

Stephen Roe & Chiafang Wu


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