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The project is to extend an existing historical pair of cottages in an area of outstanding natural beauty in southern England into a 368m2 family home. Working within strict planning guidelines the design modernizes as well as expands the house. The layout takes optimum advantage of spectacular views over the landscape and the existing woodlands surrounding the house, to create a very private home with an expansive outlook. Careful choice of a limited range of materials, both natural and artificial results in a striking and warm contemporary home. Because the site is located in an area of outstanding natural beauty a strategy was developed that allowed the insertion of a modern addition that complemented rather than copied the existing buildings. This also allowed the built area to be maximized.

The All-Weather House is clad in a continuous blanket of cedar shingles covering walls and roof in what appears like a pixelated organic coat. Deliberately rough it gives the house the appearance of an old and slumbering hut. An appearance countered by the light-filled contemporary spaces of the interior. The cladding responds to the varying durations of the weather by changing its appearance with time.

On entering the house one finds the space filled with light. At the very heart of the house the changing light from the sky above is modulated through a “cloud wing” creating a space continuously varying spatial perception. In different ways inside and out this house brings one closer to the weather.

Located in a dense urban area and confined on two sides by blank party-walls this house must gain all its light and air from the street while maintaining privacy within. It was also essential to maintain security while windows are left open for natural ventilation. The narrow and elongated plot was addressed by placing a series of solid volumes along the length of the site, allowing void spaces in between to create continuity for light and air. A bamboo screen wraps around the house creating a buffer between the street and private life within.



15  /  04  /  2018

Pixel Tower Taipei by ROEWU has commenced construction in downtown Taipei. The 15 storey tower will house over 100 apartments in a distinctive black and gold form which will set a new marker for this typology in Taiwan.


07  /  04  /  2018

"Weather Formations: An Architectural Meteorology" is now available in the UK from the RIBA bookshop, Amazon and other good bookshops.


17  /  09  /  2017

Our book "Weather Formations: A Meteorology of Architecture" has been selected for an Honourable Mention in the "Golden Butterfly Award"(金蝶獎). Golden Butterfly Award is the only official award for book design in Taiwan and the jury includes professional designers from Japan and Austria.

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