The project is to extend an existing historical pair of cottages in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in southern England into a 368m2 family home. Working within strict planning guidelines the design modernizes as well as expands the house. The layout takes optimum advantage of spectacular views over the landscape and the existing woodlands surrounding the house, to create a very private home with an expansive outlook. Careful choice of a limited range of materials, both natural and artificial results in a striking and warm contemporary home. Because the site is located in an area of outstanding natural beauty a strategy was developed that allowed the insertion of a modern addition that complemented rather than copied the existing buildings. This also allowed the built area to be maximized.


Single-Family House


AONB, Berkshire




59 Cordwainer House, 43 Mare Street, London E8 4RX

Tel +44 (0) 777 857 9899

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New Living Room with Landscape Beyond